Summer '19 Update!

The summer is off to a busy start and our 2019 Build Program is in full-swing. Permits have been submitted, homes have been panelized and funded, site construction has begun, Hosts have been onboarded, and we are beyond excited to meet our new residents! See below for just a few highlights from the past couple of months.

Jenny and Baby Ezri Make The BLOCK Project Home

Earlier this year, Jenny was pregnant and experiencing homelessness. Through the care of Mary's Place, she found The BLOCK Project, and moved into her home in April. Jenny gave birth to a healthy baby girl on June 15, and we are all celebrating the arrival of the newest (and youngest!) BLOCK Resident! Congratulations, Jenny, and welcome home, darling Ezri. 


BLOCK Resident C'zar Settles In

C'zar, who moved into his BLOCK Home in November, is now growing vegetables in the yard he shares with Dave, Visala, and Lucky Dog Clothing! His kitten Jolcyn is a happy companion, and C'zar continues to pursue his passion for voice acting. 

czar garden.JPG

FLYING BLOCK Home Planted in South Seattle! 

Unlike many of our BLOCK Homes, BLOCK 4 was fully constructed off-site, and craned into Najja's backyard in South Seattle in April. Thank you to Dowbuilt for building the home, to Najja for opening her backyard and heart to a neighbor living on the streets, to everyone who stopped by to admire the BLOCK Home flying through their neighborhood this spring, and to all who made this possible!


Construction Under Way for BLOCK Home 5

Kathryn and Jeff live in the Greenwood neighborhood and are Hosts for BLOCK Home 5! Lockhart Suver and community volunteers began construction earlier this month. A special thanks to Lockhart Suver, Plumbers Without Borders, Weisman Design Group, and many others for their dedicated work on this home!


 Permits Submitted, Hosts Ready: BLOCK Homes 6-9

  • BLOCK Architects has submitted permits for BLOCK Homes 6-9, and construction will begin in the coming weeks and months! Thank you to Architects Without Borders, Evolved Structures, Schuchart, Molior LLC, and Nexus (Nexus is building the first LBC BLOCK Home!) for their commitment to making these homes a reality!

  • We recently completed our first annual BLOCK Host Training, where all Hosts gathered to form a powerful community and learn more about what this journey entails.

  • We need your help building these homes! Sign up here to receive emails about upcoming opportunities to get involved.

Site Drawings Complete for BLOCK Workshop!

BLOCK Architects recently completed site drawings for a 5,000 sq ft workshop, including a 2,500 sq ft fabric structure, containers, and outdoor space for summertime construction. Thank you to Dowbuilt for the space, and to ALL who attended our 2019 AEC Fundraiser: YOU are making this possible. 


Help Build This Summer! 

Interested in helping build BLOCK Homes or contributing other skills this summer? Sign up here to receive emails about opportunities to get involved! 

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Special Thanks 

Thank you to our 2019 Team Leaders for their commitment and enthusiasm: Dowbuilt, Flad Architects, FSi, Katerra, Roberts Group, SHKS, Skanska, and SSF!

Thank you to our 2018 Team Leaders for believing in The BLOCK Project from the start: Arup, FSi, Graham Baba Architects, Katerra, MG2, SHKS, SSF, and Turner!

Thank you to our Construction Advisory Committee (CAT) for their continued investment in scaling The BLOCK Project: Schultz Miller, Karlstrom Associates, Dovetail, Lockhart Suver, Turner, Method Construction, Toth Construction, Dowbuilt, Krekow Jennings, Roberts Group, and Skanksa.