Hosting Opportunities Available!

Seattle homeowners can help end homelessness, right in their own backyards. 

Every day, 41 people move to Seattle and only 14 units of housing are built. Homelessness is a growing issue, and existing models for providing housing and human services are not equipped to meet the growing demand. This impacts all of us; none of us can truly thrive when so many of our neighbors are suffering. 

The BLOCK Project leverages community to be a part of the solution by building small, dignified homes in willing homeowners’ backyards. This bold new model invites all of us to step forward with our own abilities to create change in our community.


We have an exciting opportunity for homeowners to sign on as Hosts. Join a thriving network of compassionate Seattleites who are already hosting a BLOCK Home in their backyard!

About the Homes

BLOCK Homes are 125 square foot Detached Accessory Dwelling Units, designed to achieve the highest standard for sustainability in the built environment. BLOCK Homes are fully functioning units, including a kitchenette and bathroom with running water, heat, sleeping and sitting area, storage, and covered front porch.

Hear from Current Hosts

  • SEE HERE for an article written by BLOCK Host Kim Sherman

  • “The BLOCK Project connected us with Robert, a 76-year-old man who had been living in emergency shelters and on the streets for a decade. We hit it off with Robert the moment we met him. As introverts, we appreciate his gregariousness, and love his sense of humor. We found we had shared interests in music and gardening.” -- Kim and Dan, first BLOCK Hosts

  • “Every bit that we can do about Homelessness, we are excited about! We are wanted to participate because it is the right thing to do.” -- Lex and Marjon, third BLOCK Hosts

  • “I am concerned with the increasing rate of Seattle's homeless population, and I want to become a part of the solution. I heard about The BLOCK Project on NPR and immediately followed up. I think this is an excellent way to chip away at homelessness. I have a large property lot -- so why not put it to good use?” -- Najja, third BLOCK Host