Once you have created your personal fundraising message you can begin to build your personal webpage through our fundraising platform - Classy. See sample Classy campaign page here.

Choosing your campaign type

  • Peer-to-peer (most common): Allows your supporters to donate directly to your campaign, or to create their own sub-fundraising page in support of your goal. Recommended for most Team Leaders

  • Crowdfunding: Allows supporters to donate directly to your campaign only. Recommended for Team Leaders who will target a small group of major donors.

  • Event: Allows supporters to donate directly to your campaign, and to RSVP for your event. Recommended for Team Leaders who expect 50+ event attendees, and who expect to raise more than 50% of their goal through an event.

Classy Instructions

  • Creating your Campaign Page: FH will create a Classy page for your campaign based on the campaign type you choose. We will make you the administrator of the page and provide you with the link to the public facing Classy campaign page for you to use in all communications. Your Classy page will also be accessible on the “donate” page of the BLOCK Project website.

  • Classy Invitation Email: You will receive an invitation via e-mail to become a “Campaign Administrator”. Please access your Classy page within 24 hours of the invitation being sent. Once you access the page you will do the following:

    1. Claim your account and create a password.

    2. Next screen will show you your campaign profile page - click “manage” to continue set up.

    3. Next screen will enable you to set up your campaign page click “manage”.

  • Customize Campaign Pages: Click on “pages” in the menu at the top and you will see the display (below) with the various pages that are available for your campaign. You will be using the “Landing”, “Donation”, and “Thank you” pages ONLY unless otherwise indicated by Facing Homelessness when you set up your account.

Classy Peer-to-Peer Template Main Page.JPG

**PLEASE NOTE**: We have indicated where to add your personalized messages within each page. Specific messaging about the BLOCK Project is labeled and should not be changed. You will need to delete our instructions before your page can go live.

Landing Page: Click on the “Landing Page” and customize the “About Campaign” section. This is where you can tell your story and include the photo of your team taken by Facing Homelessness. When looking at any of the pages you can scroll to right side of the screen to see what the page will look like when it goes live. We have provided a sample message that will be replaced by your message.

Donation Page: You do not need to customize this page.

Thank you Page: Click on the “Thank you” page and you can include a customized thank you message and customize the signature with the name of your team and / or team members. You are also welcome to include the sample language we have provided into your message or delete it.

Preview Your Page: Once you have customized your messages and deleted the instructions and samples we provided, click on the “preview” button and you will see the public facing version of your pages.

If you are happy with how your pages look and if all of the information is correct, you are ready to publish your campaign page and share it! Please use one of the campaign pages on the BLOCK Project website as a reference if needed.