Making an ask can be one of the most daunting aspects of fundraising so we have compiled some tips and tools to make this easier for you and to make giving as easy as possible for your donors! The key to making an ask is to be prepared and practiced.

Pro Tip: “Plan the first ask carefully to get the most return possible. We used a professionally printed booklet and a personal letter. It worked! Over half of our donations came from people who received this initial mailer.” - Former Team Leader

Resources Available to you (the following items are links to the actual resources):

  • Templates: messaging for letters, e-mail, social media posts

  • Mailers: Booklets, postcards, letterhead

  • Media and Branding Materials: Photos, logos, videos

Tips for Making the Ask

  • Use your “Potential Donor” list and begin customizing your message based on your relationship to each person/group.

  • Establish what you are asking for (money, in-kind donation, sponsorship for events)

    • All materials should include easy access to your donation page and include information that donations are tax deductible.

  • Know some will say ‘No’ but Expect ‘Yes’

  • Show people how they will make a difference with their donation (example: providing a permanent home for someone who is currently houseless).

  • Be prepared to talk about the BLOCK project and its achievements. Photos, videos, testimonials will give people a visual of the project and its impact.

  • Make it easy to donate! Become familiar with donation options (see below for details).

  • When making the ask, make it targeted and request a specific amount or ask the donor to take a specific action. This will more likely result in a contribution at a higher level than anticipated.  Open ended asks are generally less effective.

Sample Open Ended -versus- Targeted Asks:

1) Open ended Ask: ‘Will you come to an event sometime?’

Targeted Ask: ‘Will we see you at the Block Project fundraiser on December 7?’

2) Open ended Ask: Would you contribute to the project?

Targeted Ask: ‘Would you contribute $500 to the Block Project?

Donation Options

Make sure your donors are aware of their options to donate.

  • Online donations through Classy: Include link to Classy page, rather than the donation page on our website, in all social media posts, emails, and other materials.

  • Writing a Check: All checks should be made out to ‘Facing Homelessness’ and should include the campaign name or your name in the memo section.

    • Checks can be sent to us through you or directly to our office:

    • Facing Homelessness | 4001 9th Ave. NE | Seattle, WA 98105