Following-up with potential donors on deadlines, your fundraising progress, AND thanking them once they have donated are some of the most crucial elements to a successful campaign. We have included some tips below to help you keep your campaign on people’s minds without overwhelming them.  

  • Set clear fundraising goals and deadlines so you can create a schedule for when to follow-up with potential donors. Some donors will wait until just before a deadline to donate and will need prompts to remind them.

  • Remember to include your personal story, or the stories of the hosts and residents of the BLOCK project, so people will feel a connection to your campaign and understand the impact of their donations. Include this personal element in all of your updates.

  • Share updates on your fundraising, start thanking people as they donate, and ask them to spread the word about the campaign.

  • Share pictures from all events and activities of your fundraising campaign and share widely on social media AND by email for donors who are not on social media. This is a great way to get potential donors excited and remind them to donate to your campaign.  

    THANK EVERYONE! Think about your various donors and what would be the most meaningful way to thank them for their participation and generous donations. Some people prefer a card, in-person visit ,or phone call. Others prefer a more public statement on social media which may also be a great way to thank a business and give them some positive publicity.