Fundraising Ideas

Once you have identified your donors / supporters, it is important to consider the best way to connect with them and what tools they have that can help in your fundraising efforts. As you consider the ideas below identify the amount of funds you hope to raise through each effort. Make donating easy!

Below is a breakdown of donations from a previous campaign paired with the fundraising approaches used:

  • House Party: $8,050 about 30%

  • People who received initial mailers and follow up postcards: $17,578 about 55%

    • Follow-up is KEY for this to be successful (phone, in-person).

  • Online only donations: $1,245 about 5% (primarily from two FB birthday fundraisers)

  • Individual fundraisers

    • Kids' fundraisers: $663 about 10%

Pro Tip: “Find someone to match donations - search for a donor that will provide matching funds and encourage people to donate to activate that match. At our house party we told guests we would match the largest donation up to $2,000. Friends of ours were planning on giving $1,000 but upped it to $2,000 to get the match. People like the fact that their money will go twice as far.” - Former Team Leader


Pro Tip: “Start with a gathering of people. We raised over 25% of our total amount on the first night of our fundraising efforts via a house party. We targeted the invitations to people we thought were sure to donate, give generously, and had the greatest connection to us and the cause. Having them in our house, feeding them good food and wine, and allowing them to hear about FH and the BP first hand was the ideal way to kick off the fundraising.” - Former Team Leader

Events: Bringing people together is an excellent way to kick off your fundraising or to build momentum for a culminating event. Your strategy should be to choose the best timing, venue, activities and food for your potential donors so they can have fun while learning about the project and to make giving as easy as possible. With sufficient notice, a representative from Facing Homelessness will be happy to give a talk at your event, freeing you up to personally connect with your guests.

  • Invite Sponsorship from local businesses: Ask local businesses to sponsor your event by inviting their clients to attend and expanding your guest list. A local business or bar may be willing to donate some of their proceeds from purchases made during your event if it takes place at their location. Publicity for them and funding for you - this is a win-win!

  • Event Venues: Find a venue that fits your event in terms of size, atmosphere, and budget. Some venues may be willing to sponsor your event by providing the space for free, donating food, or matching drink purchases made during the event.

    • House Party - 30-50 people

    • Local Bar or Restaurant - 50-100 people

    • Large Hall - 100+ people

  • Event and Activity Ideas:

    • Most Common - requires medium level of preparation:

      • Brief talk by the BLOCK Project followed by direct ask in event venue / home.

      • Raffle of donated items.  

    • Requires higher level of preparation:

      • Game Night / Cook-off (Charge fee to attend)

      • Raise the Paddle (for competitive groups)

      • Silent Auction

In-person meetings and Phone calls: Time is well spent on in-person meetings and phone calls. Hearing a story from another person often creates a stronger connection and is an excellent opportunity to educate people about the project and to give them the opportunity to ask questions and brainstorm how they may be able to help.

Add friends and community members to your campaign: Present the option for community members to create their own mini-campaign for their circle of potential donors and committing to a set amount they will raise as part of your campaign.

Ask the influencers on your list to share your message: Share approved material, provided by BP, with your influencers and have them spread the message of your project online and in person. Check in with them often and see if they can introduce you to others you can reach out to directly.

Corporate Matching Gifts For Employees: Matching gifts are an easy way to double your donations! Be sure to get the word out and encourage your donors to request a match from their employer to increase the impact of their gift. Planning ahead is key! It can take 1-6 months for matching donations to reach Facing Homelessness once the process has been initiated.

Matching Donor Info for Companies:

  • Facing Homelessness | 4001 9th Ave NE | Seattle, WA 98105 |

  • EIN/TAX ID: 46-2376967

Free Marketing – Free Advertising

Look at your potential donor list to see who might be willing to add a link/banner or short ad/article to their personal or company website/blog/newsletter or email signature