We’re no longer waiting for someone to fix homelessness, we’re simply saying yes to this model of kindness. - Sue Rooney, Board VP

BLOCK Homes are small, self-sufficient, sophisticated homes built entirely by professional and community-based volunteers. Community volunteers, check out our BLOCK Build schedule here! Professional volunteers (general contractors subcontractors, builders), please check out our FAQs.

Join the 100+ Seattle homeowners on the list to host a BLOCK Home. Join us for a bi-monthly Community Circle to learn and discuss what it means to be a Host and how to walk with someone who has experienced homelessness. See our FAQs to learn more about eligibility and getting started!

A BLOCK Project Team Leader is an individual, family, group, team, or company that sponsors a BLOCK Resident by raising $35,000 to build a BLOCK Home. Team Leaders can directly contribute the funds, or leverage their networks to raise the funds over a 30-60 day period. To learn more about becoming a Team Leader check out our FAQs!

Support Residents


Join a Resident Care Team to support and welcome a BLOCK Resident. Bring meals, offer rides to appointments, or simply visit and enjoy conversation. Learn what it means to walk alongside someone -- to find freedom from the desire to fix and  let go of our attachment to outcome. To join a Care Team, contact Sarah Steilen (sarah@facinghomelessness.org).

BLOCK Home residents are referred to the BLOCK Project by one of our partner agencies; Chief Seattle Club, Community Psychiatric Clinic, or Mary's Place. BLOCK Homes are located in residential neighborhoods throughout the city of Seattle and prospective Residents and Hosts are matched based on location and common interests. Please check out our FAQs for more information.