We are excited about the opportunity the BLOCK Project is giving us to connect with a person who has lived without shelter, and to support them in a safe, dry, warm, welcoming home!
— Kim Sherman & Dan Tenenbaum, The First Host Family

What does being a BLOCK Host entail?

We’re so happy you asked! A BLOCK Host is the individual or family who owns the property where the Block home is built. BLOCK Hosts serve as the liaison between the BLOCK Project team, the BLOCK Resident, and their block neighbors. Our work is to support you through facilitating a beautiful pairing of life journeys between hosts and residents.

 Kim + Dan

Kim + Dan

How do I know if I’m eligible to become a BLOCK Host?

The BLOCK Project is an intentionally low-barrier project, that allows participants (hosts and residents) to define their own criteria and preferences in order to create compatibility and comfort for both parties. BLOCK Hosts must meet all of the criteria listed below.

BLOCK Host Eligibility Criteria:

  • I own a single-family home

  • My lot is greater than 4,000 square feet

  • I’m not aware of any drainage issues in my backyard

  • No one in my household has a history of violence or abuse

  • I’m comfortable providing three (3) character references from diverse areas of my life

  • When equipped with the right information, I’ll be comfortable reaching out to my neighbors about the Block Project

I would love to move forward!

If you think you meed all of the above criteria, and are interested in becoming a BLOCK Host, please contact Sarah Steilen to learn more.