What do Team Leaders do?

The BLOCK Project is utilizing a grassroots fundraising approach of peer-to-peer fundraising. We are calling on our community to help us spread the word about The BLOCK Project while raising funds for the project over a 60-day period. As a team leader you wear many hats: Fundraiser, Project Manager, Event Organizer, Educator and Advocate.

Fundraising Support

We are here to guide and support you along your fundraising journey! The following are ways we can help you plan, execute, and achieve a successful fundraising campaign.

  • Develop an Individualized Fundraising Strategy: Meet 1-on-1 with Facing Homelessness team to develop your fundraising strategy and determine your goal and completion date.

  • Provide an On-line fundraising Platform - “Classy”: We will setup a Classy fundraising page (sample) for your campaign and provide ongoing technical support.

  • Provide Resources and Materials: Marketing materials, fundraising plan templates and scripts and sample messages for reaching out to donors.

  • Presentation at Event: We are happy to attend and speak at a fundraising event to share more about the BLOCK Project.

  • Ongoing, On-call Support: We’re here!


  • Building a Fundraising Plan: Guide

  • Managing Your Classy Page - Instructions

  • Fundraising Ideas

  • Corporate Matching Gifts

  • Fundraising Message from Previous Team Leaders

  • Marketing Materials