Dear Friend,

For the past year our family has been deeply involved with Facing Homelessness, a Seattle based organization that seeks to connect individuals and build community. We’ve volunteered at the “Window of Kindness”, collected items such as socks, tents, and sleeping bags, hosted a cookout to celebrate the organization’s new location, and made many new friends along the way. The time volunteering has deeply blessed our family while opening our eyes to the stark reality of homelessness.

During a recent shift working at the Window of Kindness we spent the afternoon with C’zar, a friend of Facing Homelessness who has lived unsheltered in Seattle off-and-on for over ten years. C’zar dreams of becoming a voice-actor, works every day to maintain his sobriety, and cracked enough jokes to keep John and Pete laughing for hours. He has a magnetic spirit that lights up the room and draws you in.

C’zar is like so many others who are also struggling with homelessness. He is strong willed and resilient, able to adapt to changing circumstances while still maintaining hope that tomorrow will be better. He understands and appreciates the importance of community and lives out these values in caring for others and connecting with everyone he meets. C’zar also longs for the solitude of a home of his own that will help him recover from the trauma of homelessness.

But, there is good news for C’zar! He is one of the very first residents of a BLOCK Home. A project of Facing Homelessness, the BLOCK Project’s mission is to build off-grId tiny homes for individuals that live outside. These tiny homes are at the heart of a larger, integrative model in which Seattle homeowners literally say, “YES! in my backyard!”  The homes offer residents permanent housing and the opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness while putting down roots in neighborhoods across Seattle. Moving into a BLOCK Home allows the resident the chance to focus on recovery and growth without the worry, uncertainty, and anxiety of homelessness.

We have been so touched, so moved, and have benefited so much from the relationships we’ve gained through Facing Homelessness that we recently signed up to be Team Leaders for the BLOCK Project. Our dream is to raise $35,000 to fully fund one BLOCK Home for someone living outside. This is something we feel deeply called to do and are asking for your help to make it happen.  

Can you join with us to make this dream a reality?

Included in this mailing is information about Facing Homelessness, the BLOCK Project, and the construction of individual BLOCK Homes. We are glad to answer any questions you may have about the project and our commitment to helping end homelessness for one Seattle resident. Our goal of raising $35,000 will cover the complete construction and administrative costs of building one home. Your generous donation will get us one step closer to transitioning someone from living outside to living inside. What an incredible gift!

Our dedicated online giving page is and we’ve also included a self-addressed envelope if you’d rather donate by check. Many employers offer corporate matching donations to help make your gift go even further. Please let us know if we can help facilitate a matching donation.

We are deeply grateful for every person who answers this call. This is a big love lived out loud and we can’t do it alone, thank you.


Jeff & Meredith

p.s. You can be assured that your generous gift will help break the cycle of homelessness for someone who is living outside.