“We can’t build our way out of this problem if the foundation isn’t ready”
— Rex Hohlbein / BLOCK Architects


We are so excited you have decided to support the BLOCK Project as a Team Leader! Your fundraising efforts will culminate in a dignified, permanent home for a neighbor currently living on the streets. Importantly, your work will help to change the way we see community in Seattle.

The Browand Family, Team Leaders for BLOCK Home #9

The Browand Family, Team Leaders for BLOCK Home #9

What do Team Leaders Do? The BLOCK Project is utilizing a grassroots funding approach of peer-to-peer fundraising. We are calling on our community to help us spread the word while raising funds for the project over a 60-day period.

As a team leader you will wear many hats, including: Fundraiser, Representative of the BLOCK Project and its message, Project Manager, Event Organizer, Educator, and Advocate.

The “Team Leader Hub” is full of tools and tips to help make fundraising simple. We are also here as a resource, and will be with you every step of the way. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for joining this movement to end homelessness!