Welcome Home, Jenny

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Please meet Jenny, who just moved into her BLOCK Home in Lex & Marjon's backyard!

Jenny was homeless, but now, with Mary's Place and Facing Homelessness working together, she has a beautiful home and a community in which to thrive.

We want to give a profound THANK YOU to so many that made this home possible:

  • Tony & Michelle Audino and their friends and family for raising the needed funds

  • Schultz Miller and their subcontractors and suppliers for building this home so very beautifully

  • Everyone at Mary's Place, with a special thanks to Jenny's case-manager Donalda Lyons (Akimel O'odham/Tohono O'odham)

  • Landscape Architects Dakota Keene, Caitlin Squier-Roper of Mithun and Jescelle Major of BERK Consulting — the garden is BEAUTIFUL

  • Karl Rosman and SSF for structural engineering

  • Colleen Mitchell & Chris Webb at Herrera Consulting

  • The entire team at FSi for all the mechanical engineering

  • Suzanne Skinner, Aliza Allen of Allen Law Group and all the folks at Davis Wright Tremaine for all the incredible legal work

  • The hundreds of community volunteers who made this possible, with a special THANKS to Lav Mathiesen for his beautiful heart and skilled hands

  • Lex & Marjon, the host family, for opening not just their property but their pure hearts to Jenny and this entire community.

Sending so much LOVE to you Jenny, you are honestly so very beautiful and we are so very happy for you!!!

BLOCK Partnership Event an Overwhelming Success

250 People Raised $220,706

Thank you to our partners in the construction and design community for joining us at the Second Annual BLOCK Project Partnership Event. We raised $220,706, blowing our goal of $120K right out of the water. Funds raised will increase the efficiency of BLOCK Home construction in two ways:

  1. Workshop: A workshop will allow us to buy and store materials in bulk, reducing costs and increasing efficiency

  2. BLOCK Build Acceleration Fund: Historically, we have relied on donated labor to build BLOCK Homes. The Acceleration Fund will allow us to pay professionals for critical tasks, reducing construction time from 3+ months to 6-8 weeks.


Team Results + Congratulations to Our WINNERS: SSF!

This event was completely powered by our eight Team Leaders, who each committed to forming teams and raising $15,000 to support The BLOCK Project. Every single team exceeded their goal and we are overwhelmed with gratitude. Congratulations and THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to our winning team, SSF! 

TOTAL RAISED: $220,706

Thank You to Our Sponsors, Auction and Raffle Donors, and Volunteers 

A giant thank you to our sponsors, raffle and auction donors, and super star volunteers. You made this event possible! A special thanks to UnCruise Adventures for that incredible 10-day cruise! 

2019-04_01_LANDSCAPE Recognition_Page_1.jpg

Keep In Touch! 

We absolutely love this community, and cannot wait to see you next year for the third annual! But we hope we'll connect before then. Please get involved, (or stay involved!), and keep in touch :) 

The BLOCK Project Fall 2018 Updates

Bobby Celebrated 1 Year in his BLOCK Home

Last month, our first BLOCK Resident, Bobby, celebrated his 1 year anniversary of living in his very own BLOCK Home. 


C'zar Moved into BLOCK Home #2

The evening before Thanksgiving, C'zar and his brand new kitten got the keys to their BLOCK Home, located in the Greenwood neighborhood. THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible!


BLOCK Home #3 for Mom and Baby in the New Year

BLOCK Home #3 is well under way in Crown Hill, and our amazing General Contractor, Schultz Miller, is working hard to complete the build. We anticipate a January move in for a mom and baby referred from Mary's Place. 


BLOCK Home #4 Built in 3 Weeks w/ Alternative Model

We received unexpected funding to expedite this BLOCK Home build. Rather than relying on donated skilled and unskilled labor, we were able to pay general contractor Schuchart Dow to manage the build (they did a beautiful job on a very tight timeline). This reduced the duration of construction from 3+ months to 3 weeks. BLOCK Home #4 was completely assembled off-site, and will be shipped as a wide load to a Seattle backyard in early 2019. 


Growing Impact in 2019

As The BLOCK Project matures, we are able to more accurately anticipate challenges, plan for growth, and evaluate success. Based on 2017 and 2018 outcomes and recent strategic planning, we have adjusted our growth projections for 2019. We now plan to place six BLOCK Homes next year, doubling this year's impact while still allowing us to invest in the cornerstones of The BLOCK Project: community building, education, and sustainability. An astounding 121 prospective hosts have volunteered to host a BLOCK Home in their backyard! 

Needs for the new year include: A warehouse for storage and panel prefabrication; general contractors, subs, and suppliers; and volunteers from all walks of life. In short, we need YOU!

13 BLOCK Homes Fully Funded!

BLOCK Home #2 | May 2018

BLOCK Home #2 | May 2018

A year ago, Facing Homelessness set out to build low-cost, dignified, and sustainable homes for those living on the streets in one of the most competitive housing markets in the US. Since then, dozens of contractors and subcontractors have flocked to the BLOCK Project to donate time and expertise. In the past 12 months, more than 1,500 community members have stepped forward to donate to a BLOCK Home. This community has now successfully raised nearly $450,000 to build the first 13 BLOCK Homes!

We are completely humbled by the powerful statement this makes: We live in a community that is ready to end homelessness and embrace the most vulnerable among us. It gives us so much hope.

BLOCK Home #1 | May 2018

BLOCK Home #1 | May 2018

THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to one of the BLOCK Homes below. We would love for you to stay engaged! We will make quarterly updates about schedule and opportunities to get involved. We will also reach out prior to beginning construction on the BLOCK Home to which you donated, with a special invitation to help us clear the site, build the home, and get to know the host and resident. 

*The list above reflects the projected build order for BLOCK Homes. While schedule is difficult to predict in our pilot phase, we invite you to reach out anytime to learn more.